Karen Mahony & Baba Studio

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Karen Mahony met één van haar drie katten

Karen Mahony is no stranger in  the world of tarot. She is a designer of tarot decks,
a creative person with many skills and a popular speaker at meetings tarot.
Together with her ​​partner Alex she founded Baba Studio in 2002.

Especially for Tarot Cirkel, Karen answered a few questions.

How did tarot came in to your life?

The first time I ever heard of card reading was in a small town on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland where two card readers had small wooden booths set up right on the rocks by a scenic cliffside walk. One of them was considered a charlatan, the other a true mage. As a small child (I must have been about seven at the time) I found the discussions about fortune telling fascinating and a little alarming! I didn’t begin using the cards seriously myself for many years after that.

What attracts you (the most) in tarot?

I’m a very visual person so I love the fact that it’s the most visual of divinatory systems. This is, of course, also the reason that my partner Alex and I are so attracted to making tarot decks.

How did studying the tarot and working with tarot effect your personal life?

Well, if we can stretch this a little and discuss oracle decks, then it was through an oracle deck reading that I was first told that in Prague I would meet a man who I would fall in love with, live with, and also work with. I did a card reading the summer before I moved to Prague from London – I was very unsure of the wisdom of the move – and this is what it told me. This seemed impossible at the time (I was in an long-standing relationship, though it was no longer working well), so I shuffled and laid out the cards a second time – and got exactly the same result. That autumn I packed up and moved here and, sure enough, within a few months I met Alex, fell in love, and founded Baba Studio. I never looked back!

What’s your favorite tarot deck?

That is like asking a parent who is their favorite child! We are working on our eighth deck now, and I suppose I tend always to be most engaged by the current one – which is The Alice Tarot. However, Tarot of Prague, the deck that Alex and I did when we first got together, and the first time either of us had ever made anything like a tarot, has a particular resonance for me – I will always feel a special affection for it. But… our cats say, “Rubbish” The Baroque Bohemian Cats’ Tarot will always be the best!”

This beautiful video will make you fall in love with the Victorian Romantic Tarot.

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